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Our CV Writers are highly capable when it comes to knowing what a great CV should look like. It is for this reason that should you be unhappy with your CV we will first explain why your CV has been designed and written the way it has been. Should you remain unhappy with your CV then we will listen to you and make any adjustments necessary, providing you inform us within 7 days of receiving your completed order.

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At PurpleCV, we know how to write a CV that will maximise your chances of getting the job you want. We’ve had plenty of practice and have plenty of success stories to shout about. We’d love to share some of our knowhow with you - have a read through our various blog articles:

10 Ways to Impress an Interviewer: Our Guide

Written by Andrew Arkley

Ways to impress an interviewer

So you’ve managed to bag yourself an interview for your dream job. You’ve got all the right skills and experience. That’s enough, right?

Not necessarily. A huge amount depends on the impression you make in your interview.

A job interview is an opportunity to sell yourself to potential employers. It’s a chance to let your personality shine through and prove you’re the best person for the job.

Give yourself a head start with these ten ways to impress an interviewer.



Writing a Professional CV

Written by Andrew Arkley

There’s no such thing as a standard CV or the perfect example of how a CV should be or look, and yet the internet is overflowing with websites offering something along the lines of ‘a standard example of a good CV’. This will not help you at all, or at the very least, help will be limited. Whoever’s designed what they believe to be ‘a standard example of a good CV’ and pasted it up online may have good intentions, but the fact remains that they have never even met you.

A good CV is only ever a good CV unless it works for you and fulfils its purpose of successfully marketing and showcasing your skills, employment experience, expertise and personal qualities. CVs must never be generic, they should only ever be customised and unique to you.

The writing of a good CV is often harder than most people think, partly because many of us find it hard to sell and market ourselves, or at least to put it into words. But you need to turn in a professional-looking CV in order to have any hopes of gaining an interview. In sidestepping this dilemma, writing a professional CV can easily be left to the experts.

Writing a professional CV can be left to Purple CV.

Why references should be on request

Written by Andrew Arkley

10 May 2014 - CVs present your experience as well as your professionalism to potential employers. Most of the material is presented in a detailed format which highlights the skill sets, education, achievements, and such which you have obtained. The one section that seems to be left deliberately vague is the reference section. Why is this so? Would it not be more presentable to have verifiable information on the page for the potential employer? The answer is a definitive no.



How many pages should a CV be?

Written by Andrew Arkley

15 May 2014 - Composing a CV can quickly become a frustrating task, especially if you are an individual with extensive experience or an individual with little or no experience. Those which have extensive experience often find that organising information produces pages upon pages results while those with little experience will have difficulty in filling one page. The question that naturally arises is how many pages should your CV be in order to present a professional presence?


How much experience is too much on a CV?

Written by Andrew Arkley

05 May 2014 - Compositing a CV can be a frustrating task for any individual especially for those which are seasoned professionals. Individuals with an excess of 20 years of experience or those persons which have worked several different aspects of their career choice may find that there is quite a bit of material to choose from in terms of experience. Where it is very tempting to offer all of this experience in the CV, the result may not be beneficial. Carefully analysing your experience can highlight your key assets and increase your likelihood for employment.


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