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1. Information about cookies

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that, if you agree to their use, is stored on your browser or the hard drive of your computer or device. They are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site.

Where used, such information will not identify you personally; it is statistical data.

2. The cookies we use

We use the following cookies:

CategoryCookie NameDomainPurposeDuration
Visitor cookies are placed by Crazy Egg and used to see how our website users interact with pages on the site. Crazy Egg privacy policy3 months / 3 months / 5 years
Visitor cookies are placed by Google Analytics and used to see how our website users navigate the site. Google Analytics privacy policy2 years / 1 day / 1 minute
Visitor Analyticsfr.facebook.comIf a user is logged into Facebook, Facebook can place cookies on his/her computer through the PurpleCV website. These cookies are needed to use the ‘Follow us on Facebook’, Like’ and ‘Share’ functionalities. Facebook data policy3 months
Affiliate This cookie is placed by Post Affiliate Pro and used to identify if our website users have come from one of our participating affiliates.Post Affiliate Pro privacy policy10 years
Affiliate This cookie is placed by Post Affiliate Pro and holds the user’s last referral ID while their last click is processing via cron.Session
Language Trackinglangcdn.syndication
This cookie is placed by Twitter and used to determine the language settings of the user’s browser to better serve relevant information in the correct browser. Twitter privacy policySession
Performanceai_user cookies are associated with the Microsoft Application Insights software and collect statistical usage and telemetry information for apps built on the Azure cloud platform. This is a platform used for behaviour analytics and provides us with information about the behaviour of our visitors (for example, how long they stayed on the site, the average number of pages viewed) and also tells us how many visitors we have had.  Microsoft Application Insights data policy1 year / session
Visitor visitor ID.3 years cookie supports our live chat function.Session
.livechatinc.comThese cookies are placed by LiveChat, a USA-based company that provides online chat software to the PurpleCV website. These cookies provide us with supplementary information on how you interact with our live chat service, and may track if you perform certain actions so that they can be attributed to chat.  LiveChat privacy policy3 years / session / session / session / session / session
This cookie stores when the user last used LiveChat.3 years
If the user is writing a message and refreshes the page, this text will be remembered.Session
Visitor cookie is placed by Google and used to remember website users’ preferences and other information. Google privacy policy6 months to protect website users’ data from unauthorised access.3 months

3. How you can change your cookie settings

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. You can adjust the settings on your browser to decline any cookies if you wish. This can be easily done by activating the reject cookies setting on your computer.

However, please be aware that blocking cookies may affect your ability to use the website. You may not be able to access all or parts of the website or use the functionalities contained on it.

Cookie NameTypePartyDescription
SnapABugRefFunctional – Live Chat (​Session)First PartyChat function that tracks the origin and site entry
SnapABugVisitFunctional – Live Chat (​Session)First PartyChat function for the detection of new session
SnapABugChatWindowFunctional – Live Chat (​Session)First PartyChat function that tracks the chat box position and minimize status.
SnapABugChatSessionFunctional – Live Chat (​Session)First PartyChat function for the tracking of chat in progress
SnapABugNoProactiveChat Functional – Live Chat (​Session)First PartyChat function flag to avoid proactively prompting visitors again
SnapABugChatPollFunctional – Live Chat (​Session)First PartyChat function tracking of the chat in progress transcript position
SnapABugChatMessageFunctional – Live Chat (​Session)First PartyChat function to ensure the message typed by a visitor is persistence across pages
SnapABugChatViewFunctional – Live Chat (​Session)First PartyChat function to check logic handling
SnapABugUserEmailFunctional – Live Chat (Persistent – 1 year)First PartyChat function for visitor email address used to prepopulate the pre-chat window. This information is scrambled (not readable in plain text)
SnapABugBannedFunctional – Live Chat (Persistent – 30 days)First PartyChat function tracking whether the visitor is banned for chatting
SnapABugMinimizeStashCookie Functional – Live Chat (​Session)First PartyChat function for the detection of new messages while minimized so they persist during navigation.
SnapABugHistoryFunctional – Live Chat (Persistent – 1 year)First PartyChat function that registers a unique ID that identifies the user’s device to keep track of the visitor visits and last chats to present history to chat agent

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