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Social Impact

At PurpleCV, we’re dedicated to creating a positive impact in our community.


"I'm committed to providing excellent CVs for all, because I've seen first-hand how receiving an expert CV can completely change our customers' careers - and their lives."

~ Andrew Arkley, PurpleCV Founder

We work together with several programmes and organisations to do our part in helping solve the puzzle of employment for our youth. We want to use our expertise to give a helping hand to everyone making the next step on their career ladder, no matter their background.


Growing career confidence and skills for all

The Prince’s Trust offers free courses to help every young person gain the skills they need to succeed in their dream career, no matter their background. To support their excellent Explore programme, we deliver regular workshops for the Trust where we share our CV writing tips and guidance.

Our Founder and Director, Andrew Arkley, also supports their cause as a volunteer Business Mentor, offering personalised guidance through one-to-one mentorship sessions. His involvement includes helping evaluate new business ideas and supporting their launch, growth and development.

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Supporting university enterprise competitions

The Engineers in Business Fellowship (EIBF) empowers young engineers to become leaders in UK industry and aims to inspire business innovation. We support their mission by providing engineers with tools to help reach their career goals, including our expertise in CV writing and job applications, through sponsoring their Engineers in Business Competition.

For five consecutive years we have rewarded winners with a comprehensive complimentary CV package. Recently we have also started sponsoring the £1000 Best Presentation award. We hope to provide these talented engineers with all they need to secure a role where they can help create a sustainable, prosperous future.

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Working with homeless young people

Our partnership with Doorway aims to empower disadvantaged young people in Warwickshire with the skills and support they need to secure employment. We share our expertise in CV writing and job applications to give them the best possible chance to build a brighter future.

We are committed to ensuring that these young people find meaningful employment tailored to their skills, which they can turn into a long-term career. Together, we can make a real difference in our community, helping to break the cycle of homelessness and unemployment.

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Helping school leavers perfect their first CVs

As one of Bath’s leading day and boarding schools, Monkton Combe School does all they can to empower students in their future careers, encouraging them to “think differently”. PurpleCV is proud to support their mission and their Year 12 students with dedicated CV and career guidance sessions.

These sessions aim to help students take their first steps away from the school, towards their future careers. By combining these CV writing insights with their independent thinking skills, PurpleCV knows that students will be able to confidently and independently navigate any professional path.

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