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Andrew Arkley|April 4, 2014

A Guide To Online Job Boards

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Looking for a job online can be daunting. There appear to be thousands upon thousands of current vacancies in your industry.

Let’s face it, having to whittle them down and trawl through each job to see if it’s right and tailoring your perfectly written CV takes up a lot of your time.

Here is a handy guide on how to use online job boards to get you that job.

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Firstly, do a little research and find out which job boards suit you, whether it’s Monster for more technical jobs like engineers and electricians or Indeed for more service industry roles.

Choosing the right job board is half the battle. Most job boards require a simple registration and it’s usually free, you just need an up to date email address and upload your CV.

Put yourself on a few to give you a better chance of finding the right job.

Secondly, look for jobs by searching for keywords and skills from your CV and use filters the job boards provide to refine your search.

Totaljobs and Reed have really good filters that narrow down your job search to a manageable number.

It’s time consuming searching for a ‘graduate marketing’ role if you were specifically looking for a marketing role in HR or Media.

Employers tweak and change job titles all the time and your perfect job might not have the exact title you were expecting.

By searching for keywords and the skills you want to use in a job, you are using job boards exactly how employers use them: searching for potential candidates with the skills they need, not their job title.

You can also set up daily or weekly job alerts on online job boards using the same keywords so you can get a tailored job search right in your inbox, just remember to be specific in what you are looking for.

Thirdly, it’s time to apply for the right job. At the bottom of the job description you will find a button that stays ‘click to apply’ and you’ll be taken to a page that asks you for a cover letter and CV.

Always attach a new CV and cover letter to your application that is tailored to the job you are applying for.

Send your application off and wait for an invite to interview.

Another place where you can find opportunities to work and earn money online are affiliate programme databases, for example APDB.

Here, you can find listings of products and services to promote on any platform, earning a commission with each completed action.

Having the right CV can put you to the top of the yes pile when it comes to interviews. Your CV gets you the interview, which gets you the job.

If your CV is not getting you interviews or you don’t have one, not to worry, PurpleCV’s professional CV writing service can help.

Get a job board friendly CV written by us!

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PurpleCV starts every page from scratch. We use industry specific professional CV writers with up to date knowledge of the job market. From as little as £50, we can create a CV that will give you the best chance of getting an interview.

A great CV is the one thing that will guarantee you a step in the door to great career satisfaction so isn’t it worth spending time and effort into showing employers the best you possible? Best of luck!

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