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Andrew Arkley|April 20, 2014

Asking Questions In An Interview

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You have written a great CV and you have an interview, they are not the easiest things we have to deal with in life. When the light switches on and we finally understand what we’ve been doing wrong, one of the mistakes we can avoid is forgetting to ask questions at the end of the interview by preparing before hand.

End of interview questions are a good way to implicitly show the employer you have researched the company, you understand the role and you are genuinely interested. By not asking questions, you can appear to show no interest and just came along for the ride. Here are a few questions to help you along the way.

Can you tell me about a project you are working on right now that someone in this role would be involved in?

You will be able to judge the kind of work you will actually be doing and will have the opportunity to talk about how you have done something similar.

Are there any obstacles the team is facing at the moment someone in this role could help with?

By asking this question (and being prepared to answer it) you show you are a problem solver and will be an asset to the team.

What do you feel is lacking in this role you expect a new employee to bring to the table?

This question will tell you what your employer is really looking for in the person you hire.

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How will my performance be assessed?

Asking about your performance shows you are motivated and keen to prove yourself.

Is there any potential for progression?

Progression means commitment, which most companies’ value. If the job can’t get you where you want to go, rethink before accepting an offer

Is there anything that concerns you about my suitability for the role at this moment?

This will give you the opportunity correct any mistakes during the interview or ace it. If your response isn’t adequate, it writes its own rejection letter and only to be used when you think it’s gone well, or feel you need to give them a little nudge.

People sometimes forget that an interview is a place for you to get a feel for the job and work environment, as well as the employer seeing if you are a good candidate. Your questions at the end of the interview not only give you a chance to shine a little more but also give you some insight into the company. It’s not uncommon for employers to disregard people who didn’t ask questions.

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