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Andrew Arkley|August 11, 2021

How To Make An Impact At Interview

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by The Evolve Co.

In the current post pandemic job market, the Job Description Library estimates that any one role could have between 60 – 300 applicants. If you’ve managed to land an interview, first things first, give yourself a well-earned pat on the back as that is a HUGE achievement in itself! 

So once the interview is in the diary, how can you make sure you utilise that window of time to demonstrate why you’re the right person for the role? 

At Evolve we’ve helped many people feel ready to shine at their interview. We thought we’d share 3 of our top tips to ensure you show up as your best self and win over the hearts and minds of your interviewers. 

3 ways to stand out from the crowd

1. Understand what matters to your audience 

Making an impact in any situation begins with getting to know your audience – what really matters to them? In an interview there are two audiences that you need to understand well:  

A. The organisation

Every organisation has goals they want to achieve and challenges they want to overcome. The more you understand these goals and challenges (and how the role you’re applying for will support the plight of both), the more meaningful your interview question responses will be. 

B. The human beings in front of you

Before you walk into (or log into) the interview, get to know the human beings who will be interviewing you. LinkedIn and detailed ‘About Us’ pages on company websites provide lots of information worth reading.

It allows you to step into their shoes and pinpoint the goals they work towards on a daily basis – this will give you an idea of what they are looking for in you. Also, humanising your interviewers helps to reduce any pre match nerves. 

2. Build your ‘Impact Messages’ 

Once you’ve taken the time to understand what matters to your audience(s), you are now ready to create your Impact Messages.

These are the most important things you want to communicate about yourself and what you have to offer.

Impact Messages also act as an anchor that you can hook your responses to, helping you to think on your feet effectively and demonstrate your most valuable transferable qualities and experience. 

Your Impact Messages need to be meaningful and easy to remember. We recommend beginning with the ‘power of 3’, and adding in more if you think you need them. 

For example, after pinpointing what matters to your audience, you may decide that the most important messages to communicate about yourself during your interview are: 

My Impact Messages

1. I’m a people focused individual.
2. I’m a naturally curious problem solver.
3. I’m passionate about the work I do and take pride in every project I take on.  

Thank you for subscribing!

3. Focus on the ‘Powerful Ps’ of impact. 

You’ve just received an email inviting you for interview – result! After speaking to a number of employers we discovered that the most important thing they’re looking for during the interview stage is how passionate you are about the role. The second thing they are looking for is whether you’re the right fit for the team. 

Therefore, above all else, make the following elements your main focus from start to finish. These are essential to making an impact during your interview:

Passion for the role – Reflect on why doing this specific role and working for this specific organisation appealed to you in the first place, and bring this excitement to the interview with you. All employers want to feel as though you genuinely want to work for them specifically, not just any company in their field. 

The person – Employers are looking to get to know the person behind the CV and gauge what makes you tick. Whilst it can be tempting to overthink who they might want you to be, know that all they want you to be is yourself. Authenticity is incredibly important to employers as it is a sign of integrity. This builds trust, which is something they will be looking for. 

Finally, never forget that there is a reason you have been called to interview. Your skills and experience have impressed the employer, and they’re looking forward to meeting you!

Before you walk in (or enter via the virtual waiting room) they will be hoping you’re the right fit – the one who can help them strive towards their goals and overcome challenges.

Now isn’t that a refreshing way to look at things? We think so too. 

Good luck, we believe in you!

Team Evolve 

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