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Andrew Arkley|December 2, 2020

How To Recruit Using Video Interviews: A Guide

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Wondering how to conduct a video interview with minimal fuss?

COVID-19 has created a unique set of challenges when it comes to recruiting new employees, with safety being at the forefront of every hiring manager’s concerns.

With social distancing becoming the new normal, remote video interviews are currently the best solution for recruitment. 

You may be wondering, with your entire team of hiring managers working from home, is it possible to conduct interviews without any glitches? 

Simply, the answer is yes. 

With the help of video interviewing software, remote teams can conduct digital interviews and coordinate with each other online to discuss the candidate.

Live vs. pre-recorded video interviews

There are two options when it comes to video interviews; live and pre-recorded.

Live video interviews require both the recruiter and candidate to be present on a video call, using software such as Zoom, Google Meet or Skype

Such software will generate a meeting link which is clicked on to join the interview. It’s fairly similar to being face-to-face – the hardest part tends to be finding a convenient time for everyone!

In contrast, a pre-recorded video interview is slightly more complicated. This process involves the employer creating a video, which is sent out to the chosen candidates.

The candidates can access the video at a convenient time, and will be promoted to answer the dedicated questions. 

Once completed, the video will be automatically shared with the interviewing team and, in their own time, they can watch the videos and discuss the candidates.

How to create a pre-recorded video interview

Using software that is specially built for video interviews is best for holding successful remote job interviews.

There are plenty of tools available for conducting pre-recorded video interviews, such as Jobsoid Video, VidCruiter or Spark Hire. They have all the necessary features to help you schedule and carry out interviews while you work from home.

Once you have decided which video conferencing software you wish to use, the pre-recorded video interview can be conducted in five easy steps.

  1. Prepare a set of questions you wish to ask your candidates. 
  1. Create a video interview which contains the desired questions. 
  1. Add the selected candidates to the interview. An email containing the interview details will be sent to the candidates immediately.
  1. The candidates can then answer the interview questions directly by downloading the video interview app on their phones. Once done, the answers will be uploaded and sent to the respective interviewers for evaluation. 
  1. The interviewers can then view the candidate responses at their convenience while working from the comfort of their homes. 
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How to prepare your candidates for a pre-recorded video interview

There are three crucial pieces of information to convey to candidates to help them prepare and reduce some of those pre-interview nerves! 

Communicating interview details – it’s important to convey small details to the candidate, such as whether or not the questions are timed and the deadline for completing the interview.

Stable internet connection – remind your candidates that a strong and reliable internet connection is a must for a seamless interviewing experience. 

Dress code – let the applicants know how to dress, for example, business professionals. Being unsure of what to wear can be very stressful for already anxious candidates!

Benefits of using pre-recorded video interviews

The benefits of using pre-recorded video interviews are slightly different from face-to-face or telephone interviews.

A feasible solution – video interviews are the most feasible interviewing solution owing to current pandemic times.

Speed – they help by speeding up the recruitment process. Rather than interviewing candidates one-to-one, a pre-recorded video can be sent to multiple candidates at once.

Efficiency –  video interviews are the most time-saving and cost-effective interviewing method.

Builds your employer brand – it helps you in building your company’s employer brand by depicting your company’s culture and delivering a good candidate experience.

Quality – it promotes quality hiring. Recruiters are able to watch and rewatch candidate videos, take notes and discuss with colleagues.

How to conduct video interviews: Conclusion

Remote work has changed the dynamics of recruitment processes greatly.

In order to stay ahead in the hiring game, you need to follow modern recruitment strategies and techniques. 

Conducting video interviews is a smarter and more efficient way to hire the best talent during the pandemic. 

Remember though, technology isn’t always flawless. If something doesn’t go to plan, don’t worry. Just take a breath and get back on track. 

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