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Andrew Arkley|May 28, 2024

Certified Professional CV Writer (CCVW) Programme: Exciting News From PurpleCV

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We’re thrilled to announce a new certification scheme for professional CV writers – it’s called the Certified Professional CV Writer (CCVW) qualification and it’s available for sign-ups now!

This brand new certification is from the renowned Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC). And excitingly, our very own PurpleCV founder and director Andrew Arkley is the Chairman and Programme Director of this fantastic initiative.

This credential is set to raise the bar for CV writers, setting them apart in a competitive market. It’s also great news for candidates looking for support from the very best CV writers during their job applications.

CV writers can register for the CCVW programme here.

This is what to expect from the new initiative:

What is the CCVW?

This prestigious certification sets a new standard for CVs, offering writers the chance to demonstrate their expertise. 

CCVW is set to become the global industry standard, showcasing writers with unparalleled expertise in CVs.

It proves their commitment to professionalism, because only writers who pass the CV writing exam and adhere to the PARWCC code of ethics will receive the certification.

If you have previous CV writing experience, CCVW is tailored to you and offers a pathway to the next level of success in your career. This is not a program for learning how to write a CV as a beginner.

What does it mean for job seekers?

If you’re a candidate applying for jobs, start looking out for writers with the CCVW qualification.

It’s a sign that your CV and career prospects are in the hands of the very best that the CV writing profession has to offer!

It also means that if you choose PurpleCV to write your CV, you get a service from an expert team of writers overseen by the CCVW Programme Director, our own Andrew Arkley.

What does it mean for CV writers (UK and beyond)?

If you’re a CV writer yourself, what does the CCVW scheme mean for you? Successful candidates applying for a place on the CCVW initiative will receive:

  • CCVW Gearbox marketing tools: That means you’ll have access to very exclusive marketing tools that will showcase your newly earned certification
  • Use of the new ‘CCVW’ credential: You can add the prestigious CCVW credential after your name to prove your expertise
  • CCVW certificate: You’ll receive an official certificate to display where you work, permanent proof of your qualifications
  • An announcement in the PARWCC Spotlight: PARWCC will announce your earned credential in their Spotlight magazine, helping you to gain recognition in the wider community of professional CV writers
  • CCVW logo: You’ll also get access to the official CCVW logo for use in both online and print formats

This credential elevates your CV writing career by providing a globally recognised standard for the industry.

Not only does the CCVW credential empower you to stand out in the eyes of job seekers, but it also attracts attention from publishers, universities and career counsellors. Your expertise will likely be in high demand.

That sets you on a path for new opportunities and recognition in the CV writing field.

PurpleCV and the CCVW programme

Here are some more details about our PurpleCV founder Andrew’s involvement in the CCVW programme.

He initially proposed the CCVW certification to PARWCC and was instrumental to its creation. As the Programme Director his responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinating CCVW assessments
  • Designing educational resources
  • Maintaining certification integrity
  • Mentoring and training assessors

And with years of extensive experience in the UK HR and recruitment sector, Andrew knows how a strong CV can lead to a great career.

By putting robust standards in place and providing invaluable training and resources, his aim is to contribute significantly to the advancement of CV writers and quality in the industry.

To see Andrew describe the new CCVW qualification in his own words, check out this video.

Who are the PARWCC?

Founded in 1990, the PARWCC has approximately 3,000 members, including independent business owners.

The association strives to provide opportunities for career professionals to exchange information and further develop their skills.

PARWCC has a commitment to supporting high-quality professional CV writing services for today’s job seekers.

It’s the CV writing industry’s largest and most respected professional association. For more details, take a look at the PARWCC website.

Where can I get more information?

Check out the brand new CCVW page for further information.

There you’ll find out what to expect in terms of the registration process, the test and the timeframes. At the time of writing, the testing fee is only £235 if you have PARWCC membership.

If you’re a job applicant thinking of using a CV writer (UK based or elsewhere) but want to know more about how it works, here’s what to think about when deciding, should you pay someone to write your CV?

For more career advice, check out the PurpleCV blog.

And to find out more about our CV writing services or for answers to any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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