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Andrew Arkley|October 29, 2013

Selecting A CV Writing Service

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What a challenge this is! Selecting a CV Writing Service is no easy task. For the most part CV Writing companies operate remotely to the customer. While this should pose no issue to the quality or service, it should at least mean the customer is diligent and cautious. Monies are paid up front and validation of capability is based on trust of website copy. It is for these reasons any prospective customer undertakes due diligence of a CV Writing company before placing an order.

Is anyone there?

Predominantly based online, the CV writing industry was born from the online culture we live in today. You are asked to trust CV writers you’ve never met simply from the structure and content of their website. Don’t you need more to convince you? Does the company have a phone number? Do they make it hard to find? Do they charge you extortionate rates for calling? Do they have good reviews? If you aren’t getting the answers you want then do you really want to trust them to write your CV?

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Okay a CV Writing company is not in the business of designing websites, but at the very least companies should make the time and effort into constructing a website fit for purpose and that is presentable. CV Writing companies are in the business of presenting – a poorly presented website screams a quick construction for a quick transaction.


What…. £100 for a graduate CV! Let’s get real for a second, a CV is words not a gold watch. Ok, the words selected are pretty important as is the layout and a miriad of other elements. However there is really no need to charge such amounts unless niche industries or roles are part of the equation. Any CV Writing company is in the business of making money, however there should be a clear line in the mind of the customer between excessive and realistic when it comes to price.

Customer Service:

Customer service is key. Short of your current CV being provided that happens to be all encompassing, it is without doubt you will need to provide more information for the CV writer to design a fantastic CV. It is for this reason you will need to have confidence your CV writer is available, understanding and not to quick to finish the job. Furthermore, providing an after service to tweak your CV until you are 100% satisfied.


When speaking to your chosen CV Writing company ask questions until you can ask no more! Every industry has different layout and content style when it comes to a CV and it is for this reason you need to ask your CV writer how they will address these elements. Furthermore, what examples they can give, verbally or written.

At PurpleCV we embed various features into our service and offering to deliver an outstanding result for anybody’s CV, regardless of industry or role. Included but not limited to, a free phone number, 24/7 service, experienced CV Writers and a keen desire to help you take that next step in your career. Check out our CV Writing Service to find out more about what we offer.

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