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Andrew Arkley|August 22, 2020

Should You Pay Someone To Write Your CV?

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“Should you pay someone to write your CV?”.

It’s a question many people ask when weighing up the pros and cons of getting help from a CV writing service.

We all know it can be difficult to write a CV that stands out from the crowd, especially if you have little knowledge of how to do so.

In this blog, we discuss the pros and cons of hiring a professional CV writer and how this could have an impact on future employment opportunities.

When would someone hire a CV writing service?

There’s many reasons why someone may enlist the help of a CV writing service.

Candidates that think they have a negative online presence may hire a CV writer to help them craft a professional online presence.

Alternatively, someone who has been working in a certain field and would like to change career path may need a professional CV writer to help them get into this new industry.

Similarly, when a candidate is the best possible option for the job role but lacks basic writing skills, this is where professional help can be invaluable.

Pros of hiring a CV writer

High quality content

While there is no direct link between someone’s job performance and the ability to write a good CV, a well formatted and professionally written CV indirectly screams good performance.

Employers often have hundreds of CV’s to read through, so it is important that your CV grabs the attention of these decision makers.

For many jobs, the ability to write clearly and effectively is essential. However, even when the job doesn’t revolve around writing, basic grammar and coherent sentences are ideal.

Unfortunately, many employers will discount a CV straight away if it has any spelling errors, as this shows a lack of attention to detail which could impact your work.

A professionally written CV will ensure your CV is grammatically perfect.

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Show your skills in the best light:

Due to the economic climate, employers often want to see candidates that can expand their skill set and complete multiple tasks.

Hiring a professional CV writer will ensure your CV shows off the range of transferrable skills you can bring to the job role.

This will let the HR department know that they can count on your to wear many hats in your role.

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Top knowledge about hiring practices:

If you have been out of work for a long time, a professional CV writer can help as they’re up to date on the latest HR industry trends.

If you’re just getting back into job searching after a while out, it can often be difficult to determine what the current hiring practices are without doing a lot of time-consuming research.

Many CV writing services have been in business for a long time, so know exactly what to do when updating and rewriting your CV.

Cons of hiring a CV writer:

Potentially receiving a generic CV:

Nowadays with spelling and grammar embedded into word processing software, it’s easier and easier to spot typos and mistakes in your CV

Also, many CV rewriting businesses are often so busy that CVs are churned out and you could receive what is essentially a glorified CV template.


If you are out of work, paying for a CV to be done professionally can often be very costly, especially if you have no income.

However, the time you save from paying someone to write your CV could be time you invest into sending out multiple job applications, so it could work out cheaper for you to pay someone to write your CV.

Moreover, PurpleCV can provide you a professional CV for as little as £45.

We will write your CV from scratch and give you the best chance of gaining an interview. Check out our CV Writing Service page for more information.

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