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Andrew Arkley|February 15, 2014

Why Choose Our CV Writing Service?

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PurpleCV was ‘born’ with one goal in mind – to get our customers to the job interview stage by providing them with bespoke and professional CVs. We aren’t in the business of unnecessarily overcharging jobseekers or providing a second-rate CV writing service.

Our team of expert writers know exactly how to write a CV for a job opening – no matter how specific or general that role may be – and we won’t stop working until you’re 100% satisfied with the final product.

A CV Writing Service should be more than just providing a CV. This is why we also seek to contribute to the industry and carefully select partners who have a vested interest in getting people into employment.

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Furthermore, our CV Writing Service has been designed to provide a full package for its customers, all included in one transparent, affordable price. Some of our features include:

  1. 24/7 contact with a free phone number
  2. Unlimited revisions for 12 months
  3. Two day turnaround time
  4. Bespoke or speculative cover letters
  5. 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  6. Every CV written from scratch – we don’t just ‘check’ an existing CV for spelling nor do we copy and paste into a nice layout

Adding to our credentials we are one of the few CV writing companies to be an active member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches. This means our CV writing service follows a code of ethics and constantly pursues awareness of industry trends.

We recognise that our CVs are only as good as the CV writer, which is why we carefully select our team based on:

  1. CV writing experience
  2. Full understanding of CV design
  3. Experience in a particular industry
  4. Customer service skills
  5. Completion of an assessment

We do not employ inexperienced writers, nor do we aim to ‘train up’ our team – they must already be the best at CV writing.

By choosing our CV writing service you can be confident that you will get the CV that will get results. You can also be confident that you have chosen a CV writing service with credentials and integrity in mind.

If you have no CV, or a CV that needs to be re-written please check out our CV packages or contact us for more information.

Get that CV written by us!

Early Career CV

0-3 Years' Experience
£502-Day Turnaround*order

Next Step CV

3-10 Years' Experience
£952-Day Turnaround*order

Advanced Career CV

Over 10 Years' Experience
£1102-Day Turnaround*order

Specialist CV

For Niche Professions
£1905-Day Turnaround*order
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