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Andrew Arkley|April 28, 2014

Reasons To Use A CV Writing Service

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PurpleCV has compiled a list of the top five reasons to invest in a professional CV in the modern work place. It’s no secret the job market is saturated with high unemployment rates and jobseekers constantly have to find new ways to stand out. CV’s are the stepping-stone to successful job hunting; it gets us an interview, which can lead to a job. You wouldn’t turn up to a job interview in your joggers so why not let your CV give a great first impression?

You can’t always trust CV writing information you find online:

There are countless pages on the web designed to help you write a winning CV, and most of them give great advice. A lot of sites however are out of date or might not apply to your industry. Professional CV writers are constantly on top of trends and base your CV on what works now to give you the best chance of getting an interview.

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Successful CV’s are usually industry tailored

If you’re new to an industry or ready for a career change, it can be difficult to know which abilities to highlight. At PurpleCV we use professionals with experience of writing CVs for your occupation so your CV benefits from inside industry knowledge that shows the employer exactly what they are looking for based on your experience.

You’re already spending money getting that perfect job

One of the major reasons people don’t use professional CV writers is the cost – especially when you can do it yourself for free. Ask yourself however, how much is that new shirt? The new tie? A nice folder? Travel? Coffee before the interview? Lunch? It all adds up. From only £50 PurpleCV can provide you with a personalised CV that can help get you the interview you bought the new shirt for. So pack a sarnie and treat yourself to a professional CV.

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Early Career CV

0-3 Years' Experience
£502-Day Turnaround*order

Next Step CV

3-10 Years' Experience
£952-Day Turnaround*order

Advanced Career CV

Over 10 Years' Experience
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Specialist CV

For Niche Professions
£1905-Day Turnaround*order

CV writing can be time consuming

You can spend hours ‘tweaking’ your CV because a new website told you can only use size 12 font and Times New Roman and has to have all your social media accounts. Do the employers you are trying to attract care about that? A PurpleCV can show those employers you have what they are looking for and you can devote the extra time to looking for jobs or refining your application.

CV writing can be stressful

If you keep on getting rejection emails, your CV can be a big factor in the reason. With thousands of websites showing you different ways to write a CV, you can easily find yourself pulling your hair out over verbs and formatting. If you’re unemployed you can find yourself CV carpet-bombing out of desperation, which doesn’t help.

Having a professional CV is important because it gives you the boost you need to get the job you want. Regardless of where you are in your professional life, PurpleCV writes every CV from scratch from as little as £50 with CV professionals in your industry. Check out our CV Writing Service for more information or Contact Us today.

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