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Andrew Arkley|February 21, 2024

Best Part Time Jobs In The UK: Our Guide

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We hear you – you need more flexibility than a 40 hour per week role can give you, so in this guide we’ve compiled a list of the best part-time jobs.

Working part-time has several advantages. It lets you set aside time for other priorities in your life, such as family or your studies.

Working part-time can also be less stressful and give you the chance to try out a different sector before committing to it full-time. Many of these are part-time jobs you can do from home too!

LinkedIn and other job board websites are full of part-time roles. Below we’ve ranked several of the most well-paid part time jobs based on pro rata average annual salary data from job board website Adzuna.

Here is a list of 16 high-paying part-time jobs, leaving the biggest pro rata average salary role until last:

#16 Virtual Assistant: £34,057 p.a.

As familiarity with remote and hybrid working continues to grow, many senior staff who need assistants no longer see this as an in-person role.

If you have enough relevant experience to get the job, you can earn good money through your organisational skills.

Your daily responsibilities could involve anything from managing calls and emails to making travel arrangements and even some marketing or finance activities.

#15 Personal Trainer: £35,403

If you’re in great shape and know how to help other people stay fit too, why not try working part-time as a personal trainer?

You need a personal training qualification. Some gyms offer these, such as PureGym, including a chance to work there afterwards!

#14 Handyman: £35,514

This role is for a skilled jack-of-all-trades who keeps homes and businesses running smoothly. They tackle a wide range of maintenance, repair and improvement tasks, from fixing leaky faucets and assembling furniture to painting walls and installing appliances.

You need to be resourceful and adaptable, using knowledge of different tools and techniques to solve problems efficiently. A handyman can install shelves, build decks and even undertake small remodelling projects, helping homeowners transform their spaces.

#13 Yoga Teacher: £35,575

Yoga teachers’ time involves designing and delivering meaningful classes, designed for diverse needs and experience levels.

Expect mornings filled with practice, deepening an understanding of postures, breathing techniques and philosophy. Then, step onto the mat to guide students, demonstrating poses, offering adjustments and weaving in philosophy to enrich the experience.

Beyond group classes, some teachers offer private sessions, catering to individual needs and goals. And some branch out, leading workshops, retreats, or online classes, sharing their passion with a wider audience.

#12 Pet Sitter: £36,566

A pet sitter is more than just a dog walker or cat sitter; they’re a trusted friend who ensures furry loved ones thrive in their owners’ absence.

One of the more fun part-time jobs, their work brings joy and comfort to both pets and their owners, making these roles good part-time jobs for animal lovers.

Days begin with understanding each pet’s needs – meals are served, fresh water provided, and medications administered according to the owner’s instructions. Pet sitters offer companionship and mental stimulation, playing fetch, engaging in interactive games and showering affection!

#11 Music Teacher: £37,518

Part-time music teachers juggle their love for music with other commitments, offering individual or group lessons in various instruments and music theory.

They cultivate technical skills, musicality and appreciation for the art form. Part-time work may involve teaching at private studios, music schools, community centres or even students’ homes.

#10 Online Therapist: £39,762

Part-time online therapists leverage digital platforms to provide flexible, accessible mental health support. They offer individual therapy sessions via video conferencing, chat, or email, catering to clients seeking help with any emotional and psychological concerns.

They conduct initial assessments, diagnose concerns and develop personalised treatment plans, drawing on various therapeutic approaches. Sessions focus on building rapport, active listening and providing evidence-based interventions to promote emotional well-being.

You’ll need to have the right diploma or qualification in counselling or psychology and be registered with a professional body in order to practise.

#9 Part-Time Nurse: £40,534

Similarly, you’ll need a diploma or a degree in nursing and be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) for this part-time role. Not the easiest job to get but if qualified, you can offer compassionate patient care on a flexible schedule.

Part-time nurses’ responsibilities include assessing patients’ vital signs, administering medications, performing basic procedures and providing emotional support.

They collaborate with full-time staff to ensure continuity of care and adapt their schedules to meet patient needs. Part-time roles exist in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, home care agencies and schools.

If you want to write one, here’s our guide to a CV for a nurse.

#8 Web Designer: £41,257

Part-time web designers’ responsibilities mirror those of full-time designers, including creating website layouts, crafting design elements and ensuring responsive functionality. 

Some specialise in specific tasks like user interface design or front-end development. Work environments vary, including freelance platforms, agencies, or collaborating directly with clients.

#7 Maths Tutor: £42,506

Part-time maths tutors provide individualised, flexible support to students seeking to excel in this specialist subject. They work in private studios, student homes, online platforms and tutoring centres.

Core responsibilities involve identifying individual strengths and weaknesses, crafting personalised learning plans and delivering engaging sessions focused on targeted areas.

#6 Private Chef: £42,842

These are not easy jobs to get, but if you have a gift for gourmet food, this may be the role for you. Part-time chefs consult with clients, understanding their dietary restrictions and preferences before planning custom menus.

Tasks involve shopping for fresh ingredients, preparing meals and presenting them beautifully. Some may also handle kitchen clean-up and meal planning.

Part-time chefs often work evenings or weekends, creating special occasion meals, regular dinners, or providing packed lunches – in homes, rented kitchens, or even catering events.

#5 Part-Time Electrician: £43,537

Certainly not among the easiest jobs, electricians install wiring and fixtures, maintain existing systems, or conduct safety inspections. Some specialise in residential and commercial areas or industrial sectors.

But bear in mind that you can’t just walk into a job as an electrician. You’ll likely have to obtain a Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Electrotechnical Services and complete an apprenticeship, for example.

You also need to be registered with an organisation such as Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) or the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC).

#4 Private Chauffeur: £43,572

Part-time private chauffeurs offer luxury transportation with flexible schedules. You transport clients safely and efficiently, ensuring punctuality and comfort.

Tasks may include navigating unfamiliar routes, maintaining the vehicle, and assisting with luggage. Some chauffeurs work specific hours or days, while others offer on-call services.

#3 Extra: £47,609

Sometimes called a background actor or background performer, an extra contributes to the atmosphere and realism of a scene by filling in the non-speaking roles. Typically working on a part-time or freelance basis, their schedule varies depending on production needs.

The primary responsibility is to follow the director’s instructions and adhere to the scene’s requirements. This may involve tasks like walking through a crowd, reacting to events, or simply being present in the background.

Extras are not expected to memorise lines or deliver performances, but blend seamlessly into the environment. Working as an extra offers flexible hours and opportunities for diverse experiences – you may be involved in print shoots, commercials, television shows or films!

#2 Part-Time Software Developer: £47,728

As a part-time software developer, you’ll likely write and test code, debug existing software, contribute to user interface design, or assist with documentation. Some specialise in specific programming languages or development methodologies.

Work environments include software companies, freelance platforms, or collaborating directly with clients.

This flexibility suits those balancing personal commitments with a passion for coding, while others use it as a stepping stone to full-time work.

#1 Life Coach: £47,879

And finally, if you’re good at active listening and questioning, as well as providing lots of motivational guidance, perhaps this is the part-time job for you?

Life coaches collaborate on setting achievable goals and develop actionable plans for overcoming obstacles.

Sessions often focus on specific areas like career transitions, personal relationships, or stress management. Part-time coaches may work in private practice, online platforms, or collaborate with organisations offering wellness programs.

Final thoughts: Best part-time jobs

We hope you found these part-time job ideas helpful. Beyond these roles, it’s also possible to work part-time hours for most traditionally full-time roles.

If you have the relevant qualifications, you could enjoy a greater work-life balance with these part-time jobs. Then you need to produce an outstanding application – here’s how to write a CV for a part-time job.

For example, we could also add ‘part-time accountant’ to this list, with an average pro rata salary of £33,638. Check out our accounting CV examples and advice.

And if you’ve completed medical or dental school, look out for locum opportunities, for which the average pro rata salary is over £90,000 per year!

Not sure how to get a part-time job? You could use a recruiter, but there are also plenty of part-time roles listed on job board websites and LinkedIn.

We’ve written several guides on using LinkedIn. Find out how to add your CV to LinkedIn and how to use LinkedIn to find a job.

Also, find out if you qualify for working from home tax relief when taking on a new part-time role.

Instead of a part-time job, you could consider a role offering flexitime – here’s how it works and the advantages. And if the part-time jobs listed above aren’t lucrative enough for you, here is our guide to the highest paying jobs in the UK!

If you need some help with CV writing for the part-time jobs you’re applying to, that’s what we’re here for – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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