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Andrew Arkley|February 19, 2018

CV Cheat Sheet – Make Your CV Stand Out: An Infographic

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Spring is just around the corner, so what better time to refresh your CV?

Sometimes all it takes are a few tweaks to significantly improve your chances of landing that job.

Begin by purging your CV of typos and try to include industry-specific keywords. 

Your personal statement should be short and sweet, tailored to the job you’re applying to. And make sure to ditch those clichés.

Lastly, keep it personal and showcase your work with a link to an online portfolio or blog. 

How To Make Your CV Stand Out Infographic

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Remember, a CV is a showcase. Use our tips to present your skills, your character and your work experience in the best possible way. 

There’s a unique story in every CV. Click here and we can help you tell yours.  

Worried you’re ‘oversharing’? Read our blog about how much is too much on your CV.

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