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Andrew Arkley|September 30, 2022

Writing The Perfect CV Headline: 25 CV Headline Examples

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With hiring managers spending only seven seconds looking at a CV on average, you have to impress them quickly if you want to land an interview for your dream job.

Also, you’ll likely need to win over a broad range of stakeholders with your CV – according to the Harvard Business Review, 40% of companies outsource their hiring process.

But how do you grab their attention in such a short period of time? A good resume headline could be the answer.

In this blog, we’ll explain what a CV headline is and how to write one. We’ll also share 25 CV headline examples from a range of industries, which you can use as inspiration.

What is a CV headline?

A CV headline usually involves a single, snappy line of text positioned at the very top of your CV, directly underneath your name. 

In the headline, you’ll need to quickly summarise what makes you an ideal candidate for the job, so it entices hiring managers to invite you for an interview.

And the best thing about CV headlines? They aren’t too difficult or time-consuming to write once you know the steps, which we’ll look at below.

Why should I write a headline for my CV?

Adding a headline to your CV enables the employer to instantly determine whether you fit the job criteria. 

If you’re lacking an effective resume headline, the hiring manager goes into your application not knowing what to expect.

A concise, well-written headline will make it obvious to the recruiter why they should continue reading.

CV headlines and ATS software

Depending on the prospective company’s size at which you’re applying, hiring managers may use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to shortlist candidates’ CVs and categorise them more speedily. 

An ATS skims your CV so we recommend incorporating relevant keywords from the job description and info to enhance your CV’s compatibility score.

Check out our blog for more advice on how to optimise your CV for ATS software.

CV headline vs personal statement

While a personal statement (or CV summary) is comprehensive and made up of several sentences or a sequence of bullet points, a CV headline resolves to offer a very brief synopsis of you as an applicant. 

The personal statement and headline sit at the beginning of your CV, but a header is a lot more attention-grabbing, as it’s an individual sentence that may be capitalised.

You can choose whether to incorporate a personal statement or headline. Several candidates may include both, using the headline to catch the reader’s attention and a summary to reveal additional insights. 

If you want to make your CV stand out from the crowd during a job search, we suggest learning how to write a resume headline and strong personal statement.

How to write a standout resume title

  • Keep it concise: your headline should be snappy and clean, no longer than one line
  • Define your USPs: your USPs (unique selling points) are the qualities that set you apart from other applicants – you should identify these and highlight them
  • Don’t use generic attributes: words like “responsible” and “hardworking” don’t add value, as other applicants are likely to use these attributes
  • Make it relevant to the job: steer clear of writing the same headline for different jobs – your CV should be tailored to the job description for this role
  • Back up your claims: evidence is key, so demonstrate your proven track record – statements you make throughout your CV should be supported by examples and statistics where possible

25 resume headline examples


1. Sales Agent Surpassing Targets By 15%

2. B2B Sales Manager With 10+ Years’ Experience

3. Key Account Executive Curating 100% Client Satisfaction

4. Sales Associate Attaining 50% Revenue Increase

5. Friendly Sales Agent Generating £20,000 In Monthly Revenue

Customer Service

6. Customer Service Manager With Established Success Rate

7. Sales-Focused Customer Service Agent

8. Customer Service Supervisor With Prolific Management Expertise

9. Persevering IT Customer Services Representative

10. Customer Services Manager With 95% Client Satisfaction


11.  Meticulous Concierge With Wide-Ranging Experience In Award-Winning Resorts

12. Customer-Focused Receptionist With 15 Years’ Experience

13. Accomplished Flight Attendant Speaking 5 Languages

14. High-Performance Hotel Front Desk Manager

15. Passionate & Competent Host In Prize-Winning Restaurants


16.  Design-Focused Marketing Consultant & Adept UX Curator

17.  Inventive Marketer With Extensive Media Contacts

18.  Driven & Data-Oriented PPC Supervisor

19.  Digital Product Executive In 50+ SaaS Projects

20.  KPI-Focused Digital Marketing Specialist


21.  Office Associate With Extensive Bookkeeping Expertise

22.  Administrator With 15+ Years’ Experience In FTSE 100 Company

23.  Office Supervisor Managing A Workforce Of 500+

24.  Enthusiastic Personal Assistant Fluent In 3 Languages

25.  Keen & Incredibly Orderly Data Entry Assistant

How does a CV headline enhance your application?

Below are five benefits of how a compelling resume headline can boost your job application:

  • Establishing your experience: if you have wide-ranging experience across various industries, a headline for your CV enables you to focus on the main themes
  • Condensing your CV: including a CV headline instantly answers hiring managers’ possible questions about your application
  • Proving your competence: if you don’t have much experience or are seeking a new position, a brilliant headline enables you to show off your extraordinary accomplishments and talents
  • Demonstrating your value: your header can tell hiring managers how you can add value to the role where other candidates cannot
  • Satisfying ATS software: numerous organisations now use ATS software to scan your CV against the job posting – an effective header can help yours pass through to the next stage of the process

Conclusion: what is a CV headline?

A CV headline should be one sentence summarising what makes you the ideal candidate for a particular position, so you can grab the hiring manager’s attention.

With our top tips, writing and incorporating resume headlines should be an easy and effective way to enhance your application.

On a similar topic, recently we’ve written a guide to updating your LinkedIn headline. By default it’s your job title (e.g. ‘project manager’) – but it doesn’t have to be!

If you need help writing your CV, with an impactful resume headline, look no further than PurpleCV.

We offer a range of CV writing services for all industries and career stages – and all our CVs are tailored to your unique skills and experience. Please contact us for more information.

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