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Andrew Arkley|April 30, 2014

Writing A CV That Makes An Impact!

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Having a great CV is the first step to a fulfilling career. Maximising the impact of your CV is one way you can be noticed by employers and PurpleCV are here to help. With so much information around today, it can be difficult writing a CV that says ‘hire me’. Here are a few little tricks of the trade to help you out.

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One way to have your CV noticed by your employer is to put important information relating to job first. As you probably know, the average CV is only glanced at for six seconds so you need to make sure you shine best at the beginning, no saving the best till last. If your education is more relevant to the role you are applying for, put that first but if your on a second job or have some experience, employers want to know. You will find the information employers are looking for in the job description. Using keywords that keep popping up and classed as desirable or essential is an easy yet reliable way to get employers to notice your CV. 

Ensure your CV layout is clean, easy to read and simple. If it looks like a mess with no structure, employers are likely to see that as a reflection of you. Take it as a given grammar, spelling and inconsistency in headings and italics etc. will also be seen as an extension of you so always try to ask someone to look over your CV, just incase they spot something you don’t.  

Another way to maximise the impact of your CV is to remember it is your sales pitch. Ask yourself what you can offer the company and make sure it is apparent in your CV. You can be sure that’s exactly what is going to be on the employers mind when considering people to interview. Show your Achievements in your CV and quantify them. If you closed 100 sales in a month when your company asked for 80, who wouldn’t want you on their team? Employers like to hire people they know will perform.

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Additionally, using power verbs and adverbs is an easy way to get your CV noticed. Using verbs like ‘negotiated’ and ‘initiated’ along with ‘confidently’ and ‘resourcefully’ just make your achievements sound better. It brings out your qualities that employers are looking for, gives an insight to the way you work and how you will fit into the team. Take care when using adverbs however as over use can make your CV noticeable for the wrong reasons.  

An alternative way to maximize the impact of your CV is to have a professional CV written for you. Here at PurpleCV, our writers know how to write CVs that get results. Each one is written from scratch to give you the best shot at getting a job interview. We provide our professional CV services at fair and realistic prices – from as little as £50, our writers can help you make a great first impression on prospective employers. For more info, check out our CV Writing Service page, Contact Us or give us a ring on 0800 228 9003.

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