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Andrew Arkley|April 29, 2014

Parents’ Return To Work CV

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Parents’ returning to work after having children doesn’t need to add stress in an already frenzied world. Using the CV writers at PurpleCV is a simple and hassle free way to give yourself the best shot at finding work. Your CV can be seen as an extension of ourselves and sometimes our modesty (or lack of it) can hinder our chances of having the career we deserve. Here are a few handy CV tips to help parents get back into to work.

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The most important thing when returning to work after being a full time Mum and Dad is to be truthful. Do you need help writing a CV or Fridays off? If you left your job or going back to the same position, honesty about the flexibility you require and your needs will only make your life, and that of your children, a lot easier.

As a parent, you have picked up an incredible array of skills employers only dream of finding in an applicant. Skills like time management, crisis management, budgeting and organisation are all impressive skills we perfect as a parent. Your CV is a great place to showcase them to prospective businesses. If you’re not sure what to include, turn to professional CV writing companies like PurpleCV who use writers specialised in designing CVs in your industry to help get you that interview.

Think about how and where you want to work, this will help you tailor your CV later for the right job. A big question to ask is: am I ready to go back to work? If you had to have surgery or have been out of work for many years, going back to work and figuring out CVs can be daunting and you may need support to get to where you want. Ask yourself what is important in your work place. Is it working from home, childcare vouchers, a crèche? Consider whether your previous career can cater for your needs or whether you need to think about changing career. If you know what you want and why, your CV will stand out.

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Another good CV tip for parents, once you have decided on a career direction, is to research the industry to see what skills you can bring to the role. Use these, as the main focus of your CV to show employers you will be a great asset to the company. If you find there are skills or qualifications you don’t have, perhaps everyone is using cloud storage, take the time to acquire them- perhaps download a demo of a new program or find a local evening class.

While you’re looking after the little ones, consider if it is feasible to take on light freelance work from home or able to volunteer when the children are at school. Not only will it help keep you in the loop, it will show the firm you are proactive and ready to work. 

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