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How to write a Graduate CV

Written by Andrew Arkley

28 January 2014 - You’ve come out of the other side of university with some blurry memories from nights out, a better appreciation of home cooked food, but now you need to think about getting a job. Your first thought is how on earth are you going to fill up all of that blank space on your CV? In this tough job market it’s vital that your CV is going to get you noticed. Here are some tips to help you write that killer Graduate CV.

One of the first aspects to consider is what industry are you looking to get into? If you’re looking at the creative industry, then a well pretended, visual CV can be the way to go. If you’re thinking more along the lines of the financial sector then a traditional CV format is the way forward. One key rule to stick is to keep your presentation consistent. Have it set out thoughtfully so recruiters aren’t trying to find information in the wrong place, your contact details should be at the start of the CV, followied by a personal statement (optional), your qualifications and then your employment or work experience history. You can then decide how you’d like to structure your CV after that to show off your talents and skill sets.

Place emphasis on your relevant experience, even if it’s been a lot of temp jobs, you can talk about your transferable skills. Most recruiters are after individuals who can adapt well to different environments and juggle different deadlines with ease. Even if you’ve had to stack shelves for a while, you can still make those skills look appealing, did you take an organised approach to that job, is this an approach you can bring to the job you’re applying for?

For a Graduate CV you will mostly have your academic achievements to fall back on, so don’t be shy in showing what you’ve done and learnt through university. If you were the President of a society then give details of the skills you learnt doing that role. If you have amazing results or were given special mention or honours at your graduation ceremony, recruiters would most certainly like to hear about it! You need to balance selling yourself to whoever is reading your CV without being arrogant. It’s tough being a graduate in today’s job market so you have to do everything to ensure that your CV is polished and the best that is can be.

Here are some last important checks to do when you’ve done your Graduate CV:

  • Print it off and read it over carefully, look for obvious spelling mistakes and sentences that don’t quite make sense.
  • See if your CV has targeted the industry / employers you’re interested in.
  • Look for evidence to show that you meet the minimum requirements for the job.

Writing a CV is a difficult task, especially when you feel that don’t have anything worth mentioning. Here at PurpleCV we offer a huge range of CV Writing Services so you can find the perfect package to you, we’ll write the perfect graduate CV for you.

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