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Andrew Arkley|April 20, 2014

Managing career gaps on a CV Part 2

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When we notice gaps in our CV our first attempt to deal with them is to cover them up, and hope we get away with it. If you use your career gaps effectively however, they are not always bad news. By taking a little time and effort, you could spin the CV gap to being essential to your next career move and show you’re proactive.

A good tip to remember when writing your CV and you see gaps is employers just want to know you are willing to work and you wasn’t just watching day time TV. As long as you have used your time wisely, employers are usually quite forgiving of CV gaps. You don’t have to give a proper explanation of why you have a gap on your CV and it just takes up precious space. If you took time off to volunteer at your local animal rescue centre, just mention what you did and say you are happy to discuss the opportunity further. Just remember not to lie, employers can find out and it could seriously affect your chances of getting the job. Honesty is the best policy.

The best way to deal with CV gaps is when you find your self in between jobs or away from work. Do something productive that relates to the career you want and shows you are part of the industry. This is especially important if you are taking extended absence from work or getting in to a new field. Start an industry related blog or YouTube channel even try to get some work experience, if possible. It shows you are resourceful and invested in this future and you are willing to learn and take on new responsibilities and committed, you may even pick up transferable skills along the way.

One of the most important things to remember when dealing with gaps in your CV is to stay positive and prepare. It is okay if you had to take time off from work to recover from an illness, or made redundant. If you are ready to go back to work, show off the new skills you picked up and that you had time to think about the right career move, employers love enthusiasm and energy, especially about their company. If you climbed Kilimanjaro to help save children in Africa, demonstrate how you worked well in a team and have the resolve to keep on going and that you’re resourceful. Having a good explanation ready at hand to explain your CV gas will show the employer you are informed, practical and confident.

It can be difficult to explain some CV gaps and if you’re unsure how to go about it, let the CV writing experts at PurpleCV give you a hand. From as little as £25, every CV is written from scratch by industry professionals. PurpleCV caters for every career level with up to date knowledge of what employers are looking for to give you the edge. Check out our CV Writing Service page to find out more or Contact Us today.

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