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Our CV Writers are highly capable when it comes to knowing what a great CV should look like. It is for this reason that should you be un-happy with your CV we will first explain why your CV has been designed and written the way it has been. Should you remain un-happy with your CV then we will listen to you and make the any adjustments necessary, providing you inform us within 7 days of receiving your completed order.


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How to Tailor Your CV to the Job Description

Tailor your CV to the job description

If you’ve spent any time looking for jobs, you’ll probably have encountered the advice that you should tailor your CV to the job description of each individual role you apply for.

When it comes to CVs, one size does not fit all. Employers want to see how your skills and experience match the specific role they’ve advertised.

Tailoring your CV will show employers you’re a serious candidate, and that you really want to work for them. Most recruiters will be able to spot a generic CV a mile off.

We’ve put together a few tips to help you tailor your CV to the job description...



Little White Lies: Are They Ever OK on Your CV?


Have you ever been tempted to embellish your CV to make yourself appear more highly qualified, skilled or experienced?

You’re not alone.

Research shows that around a third of people exaggerate their academic qualifications when applying for jobs.

That’s quite a significant percentage. If so many people are doing it, it can’t be that bad, can it?

Well, not only is it dishonest, it’s also fraud - which is illegal.

We’re not fans of lying or illegality, and we’re firm believers that honesty is the best policy. But if you still need convincing, here are some prime reasons NOT to lie on your CV:



Moving From Self-Employment to Employment: How to Write the Perfect CV


Being self-employed is a dream come true for many people. You get to be your own boss, make your own rules and build on your passion.

And it’s becoming more and more common. Around 16% of the UK’s workforce is now self-employed.

However, being your own boss isn’t always a bed of roses. It can be isolating, stressful and financially unstable.


8 Things You Should Never Write on Your CV: An Infographic

At Purple CV, we believe your CV is as unique as you are.

That said, there are some words and phrases that seem to crop up on CVs a little too often.

Are you a ‘hardworking team player’? Or perhaps you’re ‘dynamic and results driven’? Turns out quite a lot of people are... 

We conducted a survey of 2,000 job seekers to see which phrases appeared on CVs the most. The results were striking - we’ve put together an infographic to highlight some of the most overused CV clichés.


How to Make Gaps In Your CV Work For You


Lots of us will take a break at some point in our career. It may be to go travelling, have children, take a well-earned rest or it may simply be a period of unemployment.

Gaps in employment have a bit of a bad rep. It’s a commonly-held belief that employers will see them as negative.

This isn’t necessarily the case. With the volatility of today’s job market employers are used to seeing higher instances of job-hopping - and the gaps that come in between.

It’s also becoming more and more common to take time off from work for enriching experiences like travelling.

If you’ve got gaps in your CV, don’t worry. It’s important to tell the truth at every stage of the hiring process, but with the right angle you can make the gaps in your CV work for you.




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