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Our CV Writers are highly capable when it comes to knowing what a great CV should look like. It is for this reason that should you be unhappy with your CV we will first explain why your CV has been designed and written the way it has been. Should you remain unhappy with your CV then we will listen to you and make any adjustments necessary, providing you inform us within 7 days of receiving your completed order.

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At PurpleCV, we know how to write a CV that will maximise your chances of getting the job you want. We’ve had plenty of practice and have plenty of success stories to shout about. We’d love to share some of our knowhow with you - have a read through our various blog articles:

Using LinkedIn for job searching: How social media profiles can help you find employment

Written by Andrew Arkley


Using LinkedIn for job searching: How social media profiles can help you find employment 

Social media sites have soared in popularity over the last decade, with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn proving useful not only for keeping in touch with friends, but for job searching and employment opportunities too. 

While many of us login to our profiles on a daily basis to check in with friends or share life events, social media, and in particular LinkedIn, can be an incredibly powerful tool for job hunting. 


How to Write a Speculative Cover Letter: A Complete Guide

Written by Andrew Arkley

Speculative cover letter


Wondering how to write a speculative cover letter?

A speculative CV with an accompanying cover letter is a way of connecting with employers when they’re not advertising vacancies. Speculative applications can have great results, and can also be an effective way of getting internships or work placements.

Lots of positions are filled without ever being advertised, and a speculative letter could be your way in.

Here’s how to write a speculative cover letter that strikes the right tone and helps you get your foot in the door.


What type of CV is right for you? Our guide

Written by Andrew Arkley


One of the first questions our CV writing experts will consider on assessing your needs is what type of CV is right for you?

Even if you know the required components of a good CV, there isn’t a one-size-fits all solution. Each candidate, and every job application needs a bespoke resumé.

We’re not just talking about including or excluding specific details. We’re talking about the actual format and layout of your CV.

In this blog, we’ll cover the three most common CV types: functional (skills-based), chronological and combined – as well as a few more outside-the-box options.

Read on to find out what type of CV is right for you.



First Day at Work: How to Make the Right Impression

Written by Andrew Arkley

First Day At Work People Meeting


Congratulations! You’ve nailed the CV, impressed at interview, and are about to begin your new job.

Amazing, right? 

Yes – for sure – but there’s no denying your first day of work at a new company can be nerve wracking.

Whether it’s a first job, a change of career direction, or you’re building on your previous professional experience, there’s always going to be a lot to get your head around on day one.

Don’t panic, though. The Purple CV team are here to help ease you into your first day of work with our guide to getting it right.

Read on for some of the tips our staff and clients have found useful when starting a new job.


The Most Common Interview Questions and How To Answer Them

Written by Andrew Arkley

Common Interview Questions

Job interviews can be daunting due to their unpredictability, but luckily pre-preparing great answers for common interview questions is an easy way to score essential brownie points with your interviewers.

Perfect answers which cast you in a golden light and convince the employer you’re the right person for the job are hard to come up with on the spot.

In a study, 89% of employers surveyed said a candidate’s lack of preparation negatively influenced their likelihood of being hired. 

This includes struggling to answer standard interview questions which are almost guaranteed to come up.


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